Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Lesson Learned...

Weekend recap... sorta

Well let's see Friday is a little foggy since we didn't do anything really exciting - I was still getting over a stupid stomach bug. Thanks goodness it avoided my boys. 

Saturday I was able to sleep in thanks to That Boy. When I did wake up I came downstairs sausage (my fave lately), scrambled eggs w/cheese & biscuits were waiting for me. Mmmm how sweet of my husband. Then we did some spring cleaning. Ok really just some much needed cleaning - which isn't complete. Then we loaded up in the truck and went and picked up his Craigslist find an elliptical for me! Anthony has already been on it more than me haha. Then we come home so we can get it in the house & let Stinker nap. After a rest for me too because the big caught back up with me via exhaustion, That Boy & Punkin headed to Food Lion to pick up something to cook on the grill. Barbecue chicken, potatoes (that were amazing) & broccoli all on the grill. And guess what Punkin even ate the broccoli with no ketchup. Can you imagine my surprise. We ended the night just hanging out as a family and quiet time catching up on missed tv since That Boy was on nights.

Sunday was a little different. I slept in again :) I jumped right in the shower and got ready to head out for a little shopping with my boys, Grandma Gayle (Anthony's grandma), Tiff & Justin. We walked around Target where Punkin got 2 new caar-ees (as he says it - Cars if you don't speak Punkinese) and a pair of sandals. After that we headed over to Toys R Us so Tiffany could look for a swing for Grandpa's house. We didn't find what we were looking for but then continued to browse and all of a sudden I didn't feel so hot. I told Anthony I was headed up front for a drink and then immediately turned to him and said you need to walk with me. We make it maybe 10 steps and I'm starting to black out. So I sit down and then begin heaving (sorry if TMI) at this point I have eaten nothing, had nothing to drink so I'm figuring my blood sugar plummeted (experienced it before when I was a teenager). The very nice lady which worked at Toys R Us was very helpful had someone bring me water and ask if I wanted the paramedics to come. Which I heard none of so Anthony asked again my response was I think since I'm 16weeks pregnant would be best. They are a couple minutes and 1/2 bottle water later and I'm feeling a little better and not heaving. They check my vitals (blood pressure, respirations, heart rate & sugar levels) all came out normal - heart rate was a little high but between being scared and trying to get sick made sense. I signed the release to not go to hospital since I was feeling better but they advised at least talking to my physician within 24hours. We went straight to lunch at Lonestar from there. I enjoyed a nice cup of Loaded Baked Potato soup (my fave) and a french dip style sandwich - only ate about a 1/4 of... After lunch I did feel a lot better and we headed to Sam's club for a few then home to relax the rest of the day.

This is what Punkin was up to while the EMS crew checked on Mama. Aunt Tiff took this on her iphone. Wow I can't believe how grown he looks ok is...

Monday I headed to the doctor where everything was a okay. A lecture about eating breakfast and multiple small meals day + carrying a bottle of water & snacks at all times and hearing the heartbeat later I'm feeling better as in my Munchkin is ok. I however was exhausted. 

Long story sorry but want it for my records.


Megan said...

So scary!! Glad every thing was ok!!

Jenn said...

OMG girl!! That's scary!!! I'm so glad everything ended up being ok!! I'll admit that it happens to me a lot too. Usually only at the beginning (and usually only at church! how embarrassing!), but it happened to me this past weekend too! I didn't black out, but I headed up to Walgreens to get my BP checked. It was fine. I probably wasn't drinking enough water. Steve swears I don't eat enough, but TRUST ME, I eat PLENTY. lol


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